As Toptal’s Director of Enterprise Marketing, you will be responsible for fueling the expansion of Toptal’s line of business with Enterprise companies by developing and executing the strategy to acquire Enterprise clients through digital marketing channels, account-based marketing, and leveraging marketing tactics to support outbound sales efforts.

In this role, you will have the opportunity to consolidate and develop a competitive Enterprise marketing strategy and infrastructure. You will envision, plan, test, scale, and optimize large-budget initiatives designed to reach buyers at Enterprise companies who would want to hire elite business, design, and technology talent from Toptal’s global network.

You will be part of the Growth Marketing team, and you will collaborate closely with the Enterprise, Events, Public Relations, Design, and Content Strategy teams. Therefore, you must be exceptional at leading fast-paced, cross-functional projects and also have an eye for detail.

This is a remote position that can be done from anywhere in the United States.

Responsibilities:You will own and continuously improve Toptal’s Enterprise marketing strategies and infrastructure, including:

Ensuring proper integration and usage of necessary marketing automation systemsDeveloping new initiatives and cross-channel campaigns

Refining buyer personas

Mapping out marketing funnels

You will work closely with the Growth Marketing and Enterprise leadership to align on strategy and KPIs.

Your efforts will drive the tactical work to increase customer acquisition from both inbound leads and targeted-accounts through account-based marketing campaigns.

You will also work with growth and analytics specialists to monitor and improve all dashboards and tracking systems needed to assess and optimize the efficacy of ongoing Enterprise marketing initiatives. This will include working with the Growth Product Manager to continuously improve our Enterprise portal, service pages, and conversion flows on the Toptal site.

In addition, you will identify ways to further leverage established channels (SEO, AdWords, LinkedIn) and uncover new channels to engage with new buyers at Enterprise companies. You will provide thought leadership, strategic insight, and clear communication (written and verbal) with peers and stakeholders related to strategy. You must be in constant communication with team members. At Toptal, over-communication is key.

In the first week, you will:Onboard and integrate into Toptal.

Familiarize yourself with current and past strategies and measure the effectiveness of growing the Enterprise line of business.

Dive into the roadmap and the biggest opportunities to focus on for improvement.

In the first month, you will:

Learn the details related to existing playbooks, infrastructure, and processes.

Connect with the teams you will work closely with, understand how you will work together to drive successful outcomes of your initiatives.

In the first three months, you will:

Lead the efforts to execute your first campaigns. You will have support to ensure there is focus on the right channels and accounts to target.

In the first six months, you will:

Consolidate your roadmap.

Begin expanding scale and scope of the Enterprise marketing efforts.

In the first year, you will:

Expand your team and infrastructure to target more ambitious goals.

Continue to drive new account growth.

Expand existing accounts with innovative marketing tactics.


You must be a “builder”, first and foremost, to thrive in this position.

You must be excited about the idea of scaling rapidly through aggressive testing of new ideas and customized solutions.

You must operate like a growth hacker at scale – comfortable and motivated by the prospect of developing initiatives from first principles without being too reliant on industry standard “plug and play” approaches and tools.

You must have a deep desire to build and lead Enterprise marketing for the long-term, including the ability to develop processes and grow a team to remain successful.

Experience marketing to Enterprise companies (Fortune 500) and proven ability to fuel Enterprise sales pipelines that drive revenue.

Experience with the strategies, tactics, tools, and language used to market to Enterprise clients including Account-Based Marketing.

Proven ability to work cross-functionally with Sales, Product, Marketing, and Design teams.

You must be a self-starter with initiative and drive, capable of executing rapidly with limited strategic direction.

Ability to work under pressure and adhere to tight deadlines while never sacrificing quality.

You must have a high level of attention to detail. Every aspect of your assets and campaigns should be world-class with no details overlooked.

Ability to build and scale in a fast-growing company with a focus on execution.

You must have excellent verbal and written communication skills.

You must be a world-class individual contributor to thrive at Toptal. You will not be here just to tell other people what to do.

Source: Working Nomads

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