Job description

Zego is seeking a talented and experienced back-end developer to join our downtown Kansas City or North American-based remote team. We are a dynamic, VC-backed startup that is looking for people who are excited about home automation and changing the way residents interact with their apartments.

To further clarify the above regarding location - we are willing to help re-locate candidates if desired, or you can work 100% remote. We just ask that you are based in North America due to the time change.

About Zego

Zego is a SaaS platform for property managers and owners that integrates with existing smart home devices to create 'smart' apartments and properties. We provide residents with an amazing smart home experience, allowing them to control multiple devices from our mobile app, while also providing property managers a tool to help better manage and operate their properties.

You can check out our website to get an overview of what features we currently support as well as a better overall idea of what we are all about.

What We Are Looking For

This is not a position for a junior/entry-level developer. Ideally, you are a wizard in all things back-end and you have some experience/familiarity with the Elixir language, whether it was in your day-to-day work or a passion project you've been hacking on at night. You also love to dive deep into stack-traces, debug systems with complex states, and setup/manage applications and their dependencies across various development environments.


  • Bach. degree in Computer Science, Computer/Software Engineering OR 5+ years experience in relevant position.

  • You are able to setup and maintain a development environment yourself, as well as maintain existing systems.

  • Ability to spec, build, test, and assist in deployment of all committed code.

  • Work within current Agile team structure and project management framework.

  • Ability to participate in Slack-based team standup at 1030 am CDT on a daily basis, call-in for larger weekly team meetings, and generally be available during core working hours of 10 am - 4 pm CDT.


  • Build, maintain, and support our Elixir-based API and back-end services.

  • Work in an agile environment with other developers and our UX/Design team to design, prototype, and build new applications and features.

  • Partner with our platform engineering team to design and plan how client applications will consume data from our core platform APIs.

  • Write well-tested, highly-supportable, performant code.


  • Experience with Elixir/Erlang.

  • Experience working with relational and time-series databases (InfluxDB, PostgreSQL, etc).

  • Experience with Phoenix web apps is major plus, as well as any experience with client-side javascript libraries/frameworks such as React Native, Redux, or other React-related libraries.

Source: StackOverflow

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