Job description

Position Summary

The Operations Engineer will be responsible for supporting highly reliable, high performing and secure operations for n-tier SaaS applications, comprising both UI and data integration components and for provisioning and administering the R&D AWS environment. The person in this position will work closely with the Cloud Development team maintaining a “DevOps” culture. This position reports through R&D IT leadership, but will be a key contributor to Cloud Development and Product Support teams.

We are looking to add to our "engineering" team. "Engineering" for us is a truly jack-of-all-trades. Team members wear many hats. We don't like folks to say "I don't know how that works or how to fix it".

Having said that, we need a junior level person who have been working in day-to-day operations of AWS and using "glue" (e.g. scripts/scripting) to effect their goals. On the sysadmin aspect, this person needs to be proficient in Linux system administration. The goal is day-to-day operations / changes to our AWS automation (e.g. Ansible and Python).

Essential Functions

  • MACs (moves, adds, changes) to existing Ansible playbooks and libraries

  • Work with development teams to effect MACs

  • Maintain and troubleshoot an existing large AWS fleet of resources

  • Maintain and troubleshoot AWS Linux, Fedora Linux and mainstream OSS technologies (PostgreSQL, MySQL, Apache, etc)

  • Participate in engineering-on-call rotations for first responder and escalation tiers

  • Participate with the engineering team or a cross function team for production incidents

Skills & Requirements

  • Day-to-day working knowledge of these AWS resources



  • AWS Route53

  • AWS RDS (Aurora, PostgreSQL, MySQL)

  • Proficiency in Linux system administration, to include:

  • Fedora / AWS Linux (RHEL based or compatible)

  • BASH / Python scripting

  • Configuration/maintaining/debugging the most common Linux daemons (Apache, haproxy, sshd, iptables, etc)

  • Debugging cloud based deployments

Source: StackOverflow

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